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How to start or improve your online retail business

What could you achieve in 31 days?

31Days2 started its existence in January 2012, an idea of Lesley and Hannah. These two very different online sellers received similar reactions each time they told someone about their successful business:

“That’s incredible – but I could never do it!”

“How did you decide what to sell?”

“I would love to do that – but wouldn’t know where to start!”

The pair decided it was time someone made a practical, honest guide to show people that it is possible to start an online business.

And so 31Days2…an Online Retail Business was born. The step-by-step guide contains all of the advice and help Lesley and Hannah wish they’d had when they started out.

It’s a tough time for online business right now, and those which before were able to make good money with very little work are struggling to make sales. Oblivious, the businesses owned by the 31Days2 pair are performing better than ever (for example, check out one of Lesley’s businesses, selling outdoor clothing). So they have written a second guide, 31Days2…Breathe Life Into Your Online Business - to help established online sellers to improve their sales.

Whatever stage your business is at, our blog is here to give you up to date news, and ongoing help, support and advice about everything to do with running an online business.

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